Wipe All Gifts from Database

*Since you have been importing gifts via excel sheets you have been manually creating Gift ID’s for TNT.  This will be a problem if you use automatic gift update for a month that you have already done with the excel process. It would see the gifts it's bringing in and the gifts that are already there as different gifts since they have different ID’s and it would double up your donations for that month.  Therefore we need to wipe all gifts from your Database, and yet keep all your contacts and their information. This should not cause any interruption to your database; all of your gifts will be instantaneously re-imported via the web in the automatic gift update step. However to be sure you should make a Back up of your Database file as you should be doing on a regular basis.  It’s as simple as copying and pasting it elsewhere. If you need more instructions with that go to… Working with your Database file

Steps to Wiping your Gifts

 1.  Click this link http://www.focusonline.org/tnt/CleanOldGifts.mdb and save it (Save don’t open) to a place you can remember. i.e. your desktop.

2. Open TNT Go to “Tools”à “Microsoft Access”à “Link Database”


3. Click “Browse” find the Microsoft Access file you just downloaded and Double Click, then click “Ok” To close the window.

4 Go to “Tools” à “Microsoft Access” à “Edit Queries  Then Double click “Delete_Old_Gifts_with_GiftID  You will get an error Code when that’s done but it’s ok.

5. Close tnt Open it back up and go to “File” àMaintanence…” and Recalculate “Money Data”

Congratulations you’ve wiped away every gift you’ve ever received ! Now let’s go get them back @ Gift Input Instructions