Steps for Automatic Gift Update

*Note Please Make Sure You have the updated version of TNT; Otherwise Automatic Gift Update will not work.*


  1. You must Register to do automatic Gift update. (click link for how to do that)
  2. Decide what kind of TNT user you are…
    1. I have been using the "easy" 26 step process to import gifts via excel sheets, every month. And/Or I have also been building up my database by making notes, putting in tasks, being diligent with my MPD. i.e. “I would lay down and cry  if I lost my tnt database.”  If this is you click here for step 2-A
    1. I tried to use the “easy” 26 step process, and I wanted to lay down and cry. … i.e. " TNT database? I have already deleted it, let alone do I use it." 

      If you are user A you need to wash all your gifts out, therefore continue on to step 2-A  If you are user B, You may begin Automatic Gift Input (Step 3)  

    (Automatic Gift Update)

  1. Open up your TNT Database and click Gift input on the left hand side.
  2. From the Drop down list Choose FOCUS.
  3. Fill in the Login with your email, for Password put the one you chose in the Registration step, and for Profile choose "Staff Account"
  4. Click Next, and Choose the Date Range for the Gifts you want Downloaded(.ie. when you first started in FOCUS till now.), and click download.* if you have some contacts in your database already, it will try to match gifts to those contacts when imported.
  5. It will show you your gifts it's going to import, then click sync. and it will bring in your gifts. If you had an empty Database it will import all of your contacts for you before your gifts.  

    That is it! Now that you are set up it will be even easier next time. Which could be tomorrow, since the database you download from is updated with new gifts every day(excluding weekends). No more weekly gift reports, or waiting for monthly MDR's just update your TNT EVERY DAY if you want.


Ever come into the Greeley HQ Office? Then there is one more set up step for you...Click here.