Age: 24

Rachana Chhin

Looking for a 30 under 30 honoree that is far from ordinary? Meet Rachana Chhin. He was raised in Texas as a Buddhist by his parents who were refugees in Cambodia. At the age of 16, he converted to Christianity. His conversion led him to attend at Baylor University where he studied International Affairs and the Great Books. Through his pro-life work, his study of the Great Books, and friendships on campus, Rachana converted to Catholicism in April of 2010. ... Read more
Age: 29

Kevin Ford

The beginnings of Kevin Ford’s life after college seemed to fit the Catholic ideal: married with children and a job with meaning. But, soon Kevin and his wife Mary realized that there was something more for them and their family and they made a very radical decision in this modern world of ours…they moved to the country and started Fiat Farms. ... Read more
Age: 27

George McGraw

Every human being has a right to clean water and George McGraw is doing something about it. He is the Executive Director of DIGDEEP, a Right to Water Project in Los Angeles and the found of He holds an MA in International Law from the United Nations Mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) in San José, Costa Rica and is also an internationally published legal author, a TEDx presenter, and a contributor to several news and opinion sites like the Huffington Post. ... Read more
Age: 28

Thomas Peters

Commonly known as the American Papist, Thomas Peters is a blogger and marriage advocate extraordinaire. Thomas was one of a handful of American bloggers invited to the Vatican’s first-ever Bloggers Meeting in Rome. His main blogging sites include American Papist,, and National Organization for Marriage. ... Read more
Age: 25

Lila Rose

Lila Rose is the president of Live Action, a new media nonprofit dedicated to ending abortion and building a culture of life. Lila founded Live Action when she was fifteen years old. The group uses new media to teach the public about the humanity of the unborn and investigative journalism to expose threats against the vulnerable and defenseless. ... Read more
Age: 27

Tyler Flowers

A professional baseball player and a committed Catholic? That’s Tyler Flowers. The 6’4, 245 lb. Flowers will compete for a starting catcher position this next year for the Chicago White Sox. Flowers was originally drafted by the Atlanta Braves in 2005. After being named to several minor league all-star teams, Flowers made his major league debut for the White Sox in 2009. ... Read more
Age: 26

Cory Heimann

How do you package the good, the true, and the beautiful in the 21st century? Ask Cory Heimann. He is the founder and Creative Director of Likable Art, a design and video production studio that strives to point to someone greater through beautiful media. ... Read more
Age: 27

Kaiser Johnson

A Catholic in Hollywood? Meet actor Kaiser Johnson. After coming back to the Church in college, Johnson has integrated his Catholic faith with acting in a number of various initiatives. In his upcoming projects, you can find him playing diverse roles such as: a repentant killer in a movie about the Beach Boys and Charles Manson called Bigger Than the Beatles, a hipster in an upcoming series Hipsters Anonymous, and a priest with bionic superpowers in his own produced series Father Dangerous: Bionic Priest! ... Read more
Age: 23

Marie Miller

Looking for a Catholic musician featured on MTV, VH1, and CMT? Look no farther than Marie Miller. A alumnae of Christendom College, her hit single, “You’re Not Alone” received over 115,000 downloads off of Amazon’s Rising Star program and reached #45 on Pop Hot AC Charts and debuted and #23 on Christian Hot AC charts. This month she will open for the Backstreet Boys, The Plain White T's and Colbie Caillait at the Orlando House of Blues. ... Read more
Age: 28

Jimmy Mitchell

How do we transform the culture? Jimmy Mitchell has some ideas. He founded Mysterium Records with the vision of building a community of artists dedicated to the restoration of Christian culture – particularly through the production of quality music, books, and live events inspired by a deeply Catholic understanding of the human person. ... Read more
Age: 25

Pete Burak

What would the world look like if Catholic young adults were intentional disciples? Pete Burak has dedicated his life to help make this happen. Pete is the director of i.d. 916. The i.d. stands for their identity as intentional disciples and 916 comes from 1 Corinthians 9:16 – "Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!" Its mission is "to form young adults into intentional disciples of Jesus Christ." ... Read more
Age: 28

Maura Byrne

Want to see an outreach that brings healing and meaning to women across the country? Maura Byrne was born and raised in northern New Jersey, where she graduated from Seton Hall University. In 2009, God etched in her heart the desire to one day launch a ministry for women. In September 2011, Maura left her job to answer God’s call and officially launch Made in His Image. ... Read more
Age: 29

Casey Dynan

Do you believe that the Catholic Church needs more great men? Casey Dynan has a gift to reach men, both inside and outside of the church, in ways that are relevant to them. Known for his frank, "tell it like it is," style, Casey mentors and disciples men, leads men’s retreats, and gives messages that challenge and inspire college students across the country. ... Read more
Age: 28

Shane Giblin

How do you re-engage millions of fallen-away Catholics around the country? Shane Giblin works for The Dynamic Catholic Institute to do just that. Dynamic Catholic’s goal: "To re-energize the Catholic Church in America by developing world-class resources that inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism." ... Read more
Age: 29

Sam Mazzarelli

If you wanted to change the world for Jesus Christ and his Church, where would you start? Sam Mazzarelli works for FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, because he believes that the college campus is the most strategic place to make a difference. ... Read more
Age: 28

Amanda Teixeira

How do you take some of the most influential college students in America and turn them into evangelists for the Catholic Church? Meet Amanda Teixeira. She is the National Director and Founder of FOCUS Greek, an initiative of FOCUS. ... Read more
Age: 28

Kara Eschbach and Janet Sahm

Want to see an authentic expression of feminine genius and beauty in the media? Kara Eschbach and Janet Sahm are on to something. They are the co-founders of Verily Magazine, a new women's fashion and lifestyle publication. Because they are co-founders, it made sense to put these two honorees into one profile. ... Read more
Age: 28

Seth DeMoor

Do you have a story? You may want to tell it to Seth Demoor. Demoor is the founder and director of, a think tank of young video missionaries who capture the stories of Catholics around the globe and place them online. ... Read more
Age: 24

Elliot Foley

How do you get high-quality, life-changing Catholic media into the hands of millions of Catholics in North America? You may have not heard his name before, but Elliot Foley is making this happen through Lighthouse Catholic Media, all at the age of 24. ... Read more
Age: 28

Mike Horvath

How can Catholics live out their faith in the secular world of media? Mike Horvath is doing just this as a campaign manager for the Ad Council. Horvath is a graduate of the University of Virginia and served as a FOCUS missionary for three years at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. After this time, he decided to live out his passion for advertising at the Ad Council. ... Read more
Age: 24

Christina Mead

How do you use the internet as a positive influence in the lives of teens around the world? Go to and see Christian Mead in action. Christina serves as the assistant director of Resource Development for Life Teen International in Mesa, AZ. ... Read more
Age: 25

Dan Rogers

How do you use media to spark a movement for religious sisters? Dan Rogers co-founded the Imagine Sisters to do just that. Imagine Sisters desires "to encourage and inspire a culture of vocations to women’s religious life by fostering a deep desire for holiness through the witness of religious sisters." ... Read more
Age: 27

Brandon Vogt

If Catholics needed to elect a New Media commissioner, who would it be? I’d elect Brandon Vogt. Vogt blogs, writes, and speaks on evangelization and new media and is involved in a number of successful new media projects on and off line. A convert to the Catholic faith five years ago, Brandon is the Content Director for Fr. Robert Barron’s Word on Fire Catholic Ministries. ... Read more
Age: 20

Marc Barnes

Want to know who our youngest 30 under 30 honoree is? Marc Barnes, better known as Bad Catholic, takes that honor. An English major at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Barnes has perhaps the most popular Catholic blog today, hosted on the Catholic channel on Through his edgy, humor filled, philosophically driven rants, Barnes reaches atheists, agnostics, young secularist, and Catholics of all stripes. ... Read more
Age: 27

Mitch Boersma

How can the Catholic Church be a voice in politics today? Mitch Boersma is doing just that in our nation’s capital as the Chief Operating Officer of the Catholic Information Center (CIC) in Washington, DC and co-founder of The Leonine Forum. ... Read more
Age: 28

Joe Heschmeyer

Want a blogger who practices what he preaches? Joe Heschmeyer’s story proves he does just this. A cradle Catholic and a native of Kansas City, Heschmeyer had a reversion to the faith occurred when his friend continually answered his questions about Catholicism. This love of truth led Joe to continue his education at the Georgetown University Law School. ... Read more
Age: 29

Trent Horn

Looking for the next great Catholic apologist? Check out Trent Horn. A convert to the Catholic faith at the sage of 17, Horn is a graduate of Arizona State University and Franciscan University of Steubenville where he received his Master’s degree. ... Read more
Age: 24

Leah Libresco

How can Catholics respond to atheists? Leah Libresco used to be one so she probably has a few ideas for you. Raised an atheist, Leah attended Yale University as a Math and Political Science double major in Jonathan Edwards College. ... Read more
Age: 29

Meg McDonnell

What is the Catholic Church doing for women and children in crisis? Meg McDonnell’s work is a great witness. Meg is the Executive Director of the Chiaroscuro Institute. This Washington DC non-profit’s mission is to assist especially lower middle-income Americans to re-connect sex, marriage, and childbearing for the sake of reducing a host of social ills including entrenched poverty, non-marital pregnancies, abortion, single-parenting, and the deinstitutionalization of marriage. ... Read more
Age: 24

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

Pier Giorgio was born into a wealthy and politically powerful family. He was a man of prayer, deep friendship, and social action. He often said, “Charity is not enough; we need social reform.” ... Read more
Age: 19

St. Joan of Arc

At age seventeen, Joan was given charge over a small French army to help protect her wavering homeland against the siege of the English. She rallied the troops-casting out the prostitutes from their camp (by her sword, sometimes-according to eyewitness reports), requiring the soldiers to go to Mass and Confession frequently and to give up swearing. ... Read more
Age: 24

St. Therese of Lisieux

She is one of the most popular saints in the history of Catholicism. At the age of four, Therese lost her mother to breast cancer, and she grew up as an emotional, sensitive child. She was known to burst into tears at the slightest criticism. ... Read more
Age: 21

St. Charles Lwanga & Companions

For only six years, The Society of Missionaries of Africa (the “White Fathers”) had been evangelizing and raising up converts in Uganda. In a model of Christian discipleship, many of the early converts, like Charles Lwanga, were already carrying on the work of evangelization and instructing others in the Faith. ... Read more
Age: 22

St. Perpetua (with her slave, Felicity)

“First the heifer tossed Perpetua and she fell on her back. Then sitting up she pulled down the tunic that was ripped along the side so that it covered her thighs, thinking more of her modesty than of her pain. Next she asked for a pin to fasten her untidy hair: for it was not right that a martyr should die with her hair in disorder, lest she might seem to be mourning in her hour of triumph.” ... Read more